poetry: spoken word, paper thoughts

I write for the page as well as spoken word poetry. I also slam.
Usually when I write newer poetry I put it on the blog first. There are some posts
there with the poetry tag that have poems in them.

Some of the mp3s are recordings from slams, others from setting up a mic in the bedroom
and seeing how things sound. Here, you can listen to the entirety of my CD loud noises scare her.
I've also embedded some of poems from slams in Las Vegas found on YouTube.
Feel free to listen, download, and watch!

Listen & Download
loud noises scare herfrom Half-A-Cookieodds & ends
Voicemail Haiku No. 1 'Cause I Owe You A Favor. My Dreaming Life (Viggo)
Kindly Stopped imagination Ireland Forever (Finals '05)
Intimacy god's hands yes.
Ireland Forever A Name staring
go yr own vegas poem no. 3 A Quick Lonely Poem
After Hours End karma of a 4-letter word
(fragment from my backpacking trip.)
pixel religion
If I Was A Frog, Would You Kiss Me?
what grandmother said
every boyfriend will be the first
memory relapse
how mermaids are born
Bitter Ex Pennance
loud noises credits:
1-6, 8-15 recorded by me
7 recorded by bakeem lloyd
on the rebel poetry spoken word show
3 & 11 recorded @ A Sound Like Fire @ Jitter's
4 & 9 recorded @ Roma
15 recorded @ Noreen's Lounge
the rest recorded @home
mastered by me